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Rev. Jeffrey W. Davis

Rev. Davis received his formal and practical spiritual training and experience at WMMBC.  He has been blessed to
lead Praise and Worship at World Missions Ministries and teach others what the Word says about Praising and
Worshipping God at World Missions Ministries Bible College & Seminary.  Rev. Davis emphasizes that there are so
many things to learn about how to enter God’s presence; the order He has given us; the power and effect that
Praise and Worship has in the life of the believer; and much more.  He has also been blessed to learn and teach a
Study in the Book of Acts; a study that shows the mighty works of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles and the early

Rev. Davis has been given the opportunity to teach and share the Word of God at the Blood of the Lamb Lunch-time
Bible Study group with his wife, Sheila, at their place of work.  He has also taught Bible studies at other churches
that were geared toward youth, and is currently one of the Wednesday Night Bible Study teachers at WMM.

Musically, he has ministered and shared God’s Word through song throughout the Baltimore-Washington area
with his wife and with adult, youth, and community choirs that he has directed.

In his secular training, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of
Maryland, College Park, Md.  He has been employed as an accountant, auditor, and management analyst.  He is
currently employed as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer and a President’s Council on Integrity and
Efficiency (PCIE) Legislative Liaison for the United States Department of Transportation.

He is married to Sheila Payne Davis.